Cities for CEDAW

What is CEDAW?

CEDAW is the “Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women,” and the only international human rights treaty that focuses exclusively on the rights of women. United Nations The United States is 1 of 6 countries, and the only western and developed country, yet to ratify­pass this international treaty for women. 

What is Cities for CEDAW?

In short, Cities for CEDAW is a grassroots campaign that provides tools and leadership to empower local women’s organizations and municipalities, and effectively initiate CEDAW ordinances and resolutions within their city, county or state. Our Colorado Cities for CEDAW Task Force is working hard at the local level to fight the inequality present here at home. Our Colorado Cities for CEDAW Taskforce has 20+ organizations and companies already who support our mission for equality.


If you want to learn more, please view out Cities for CEDAW Colorado Taskforce webpage.