When you become a member of the national organization, you also become a member of our chapter. It may it take several weeks for us to learn that you have joined. To let us know immediately, please email:


We often have openings on our large board and look for energetic  nominees with fresh ideas. If you think you might be interested in serving the board, please get in touch with our chapter president –

Below are descriptions of different roles at UNA/BC.


  • Convenes board meetings by sending out an agenda three days in advance. Chairs board meetings.

  • Develops and updates list of committees and task assignments.

  • Proposes ideas for new programs and activities. Monitors progress of ongoing programs and activities.

  • Represents the chapter to the community, to other organizations, and to other UNA chapters and administrative levels .

  • Maintains correspondence with persons interested in or participating in the work of the chapter.



  • Records minutes of board meetings and annual meeting. Submits minutes to all board members before the following meeting. Corrects minutes, as suggested by board members. Archives corrected minutes.

  • Meets occasionally with board president to help organize board functions and strategize about projects.



  • Is responsible for maintaining all financial records for the Chapter, including oversight for all banking, events (dinner meetings, luncheons) , and fundraising activities.

  • Presents a new summary of income and expenses at each board meeting.

  • Ensures financial compliance with all applicable laws.

  • Helps prepare the annual budget proposal for the Chapter.


Library Discussion Moderator

  • Can work alone, with another interested individual, or with a committee .

  • Determines topics to be discussed six weeks prior to meeting.  Notifies library and publicity people. Identifies suggested readings to introduce the topic.

  • Identifies and invites resource person(s) to the discussion resource person is someone with knowledge or deep interest in the topic beyond that of the average “man in the street.”

  • When possible, entertains resource person at lunch to plan discussion or does so by phone prior to discussion.

  • Moderates discussion.

  • Collects email addresses at discussion, maintains email list of attendees.

  • Coordinates with library as to number in attendance, room use, etc.

  • Sends out email on first of month announcing dates and topics of discussion.

  • Sends out email one week prior to discussion with date reminder and directing attendees to suggested readings posted on UNA web site.


Outreach and Networking Committee

  • Expands liaisons with internationally oriented non-profits, religious organizations, and community service groups. Maintain website with speakers bureau and data-base of such organizations

  • Aims to raise the profile of the UNA in Boulder County, increase attendance at UNA-Boulder County events, increase membership, co-sponsor events with other groups, and share action projects abroad with other groups


Data Base Administrator

  • Creates and maintains digital files of the Chapter membership and attendees at the Chapter’s public events.

  • Provides for the security and availability of the data.

  • Utilizes the file to produce e-mails and postal mailings as requested by authorized staff.

  • Receives membership updates from UNA HQ.

  • Emails newsletter to members and attendees who have valid email addresses.


Catherine B. Wrenn Scholarship Committee Chair

  • Announces the competition on the CU–Boulder campus in the spring semester, receives applications, distributes them to Board members, sends applications to the major donor to the endowment and to the Wrenn family for their comments.

  • Leads the discussion to a Board decision, notifies all applicants of that decision, and invites the applicant and the Wrenn family members to the September Board meeting where the award is made.


International Human Rights Award Committee Chair

  • Announces the competition in August or early September and solicits nominations. Distributes nominations to members of the Board. Directs the discussion at the October Board meeting when the awardee is chosen.

  • Arranges for the President, him or herself and one other Board member to visit the winner to inform him of our decision.

  • Plans the International Human Rights Award reception as close to December 10 as possible, arranges for Board members to bring items for the reception, introduces the awardee at the reception and makes sure the museum room is cleaned up at the end of the reception.

  • Arranges for the certificate to be printed and framed.


Advocacy Chair

  • Leads the Chapter’s response to Advocacy directions from UNA HQ. Alerts Chapter Board to policy issues involving the United Nations.

  • Researches the issue to develop a position paper for review by the Board.

  • From that paper, helps Board offer speeches, write op-ed pieces, and contact office-holders.

  • Communicates with national UNA HQ on each issue.

  • A new issue is aimed for every 6 months.


Smith Dinner-Lecture Committee Chair

  • Chooses speakers and topics in consultation with other members of the Executive Committee.

  • Sends postcard invitations to UNA members and friends, naming the speaker, place, cost, date, and the deadline for reservations.

  • Makes arrangements and contracts with the designated hotel, caterer, or other venue.


UNA Boulder County offers unpaid internships during the fall and spring semesters of the academic year for undergraduates, graduate students, and recent graduates. By assisting board members with their various tasks and projects, interns learn about non-profits, the United Nations Association, how non-profit boards function and interact with other NGOs and reach out to the community, and how UNA-BC carries out the UNA’s mission to promote the United Nations and its crucial work.

Eligibility: Applicants should be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program during the internship, or should be a recent graduate.

Qualifications: The intern should have a demonstrated interest in the United Nations, the UNA, and the role of NGOs in the US.

The ideal candidate is able to work independently, handle a variety of tasks, pay close attention to detail, and speak and write effectively.

Hours: Approximately 5-10 hours per week depending on upcoming events and board activities, as well as the intern’s other commitments. Attendance is expected at board meetings and certain events throughout the semester, but the intern’s schedule is relatively flexible otherwise.

Application Procedure: Applicants should email Robert McNown, President at for more information or to submit an application. Complete applications include a résumé and a cover demonstrating eligibility, qualifications, and interest. Letters of recommendation may be requested later.

Examples of tasks:

  • Work with chapter board members and committees to complete projects as needed (e.g., planning and logistical preparation for our UN Day event, Discussion Series, Smith Lecture, etc.)

  • Manage social media presence (Facebook, website)

  • Provide photography for UNA events

  • Support UNA membership and outreach to CU students and faculty and to the Boulder County community

  • Attend chapter board meetings: third Monday of each month, 5:00pm at the First Congregational Church in downtown Boulder


If you’d like volunteer or to help on a committee, please get in touch at Please include how you would benefit UNA Boulder and your past experience.


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This is one of the simplest ways to help out our cause. We believe the best way for our initiatives to be successful is for the community to actively get involved. This is an easy and efficient way of contributing to the great work we do at United Nations Association of Boulder County. Get in touch with any questions about how you can get involved with our projects.