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42.9% of Colorado residents who were born in another country do not speak English. This causes a barrier when applying for insurance. The bill will require all insurance companies to hire a qualified translator to translate policies into a client's preferred language. This would cover all insurance from commercial to personal and it includes automobile, homeowners, or renter’s insurance. Having insurance is important because it protects individuals and their families from any worst-case scenario. 

Diversity in Colorado

According to Statistical Atlas, with 18 different languages spoken, Colorado is a diverse state. Individuals who do not speak, read, or write English are at a disadvantage in regard to getting insurance. Since they do not understand the language the complicated policies are written in, many do not get insured or struggle to find a company that will work with them in their language.

Equality - Safety - Protection

HB23-1004 would make getting insurance for those Coloradans who do not know English equitable. The bill would increase the safety and protection of those individuals' homes and cars by allowing to adequately plan for life's worst-case scenario.



Target 10.2 

By 2030, empower and promote the social, economic, and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, economic or other status.

Target 10.3

Ensure equal opportunity and reduce inequalities of outcome, including the elimination of discriminatory laws, policies, and practices and promoting appropriate legislation, policies, and action in this regard.

These legislators are already in support. Feel free to thank them.

These Senators are NOT in support yet. Ask them to support this bill.

Email Example

To: Your Representative

Subject: Support HB23-1004!



My name is [insert your name] and I live in [your city/ZIP code].

I am urging you to support this legislation that would improve the lives of many Colorado residents. There is a large number of individuals that do not know English. Those individuals are being discriminated against by insurance companies by not providing policies in their preferred languages. By demanding insurance companies to hire qualified translators to translate their policies into different languages, it would break down the barrier of communication between them.


This is important because insurance protects individuals and their families from the worst-case scenarios that could happen to anyone.

Thanks for your attention.


[insert your name]

HB23-1004 was signed by Governor Polis on 4/11 and became law. 
No further action needed. Thank you!

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