Jan Arney, 2016 International Human Rights Award winner

Category : Blog on December 2, 2016

Human Rights Day is celebrated around the world to commemorate the signing of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December, 1948.  The Boulder County chapter of the United Nations Association-USA celebrates this day each year by honoring a Boulder County resident for outstanding work in promoting human rights internationally.

This year our twenty-first annual International Human Rights Award goes to Jan Arney, who founded Partners in Parenting Haiti (PIPH) following the 2010 earthquake. PIPH is a foster care program for orphaned or abandoned children in Jérémie, Haiti.

Her work is entirely volunteer. Besides a foster home, PIPH provides a stipend for the families to offset the cost of food and clothing; insists on the child being in school and pays costs for tuition, books, and uniforms; pays for medical care; provides both a health focused group program monthly and a tutoring center for those children who need it. It also has plans for a program to provide job training for any child who has finished formal schooling to enable him or her to be self supporting. The PIPH program has been so successful for its now twenty-two children that it serves as a model for other organizations in Haiti. It is supported by generous donations, both to the general fund and as a sponsorship of an individual child.

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