Dialogue Series

Dialogue Series: The UN in the World Today

For many years, through 2015, on the second Saturday of each month, at 10:00 a.m., we hosted a speaker on an issue in the developing world and the role of the UN family of organizations in addressing it. We met at Frasier Meadows Retirement Community, 350 Ponca Place, Boulder, in the 4th floor Assembly Hall.

Some topics and presenters:

In 2015

December 12th – Pravin Nair: I.T. in India

November 14th – Ocean warming

October 10th – Erik Nesse: Jordan and Morocco

September – Saied and Donna Mabrouk: Islam in Boulder

June – Maria Stepanyan: Warm Hearth

February – Stuart A. Elnagdy – A Mexican View of U.S. Immigration Policies

In 2014

October – Omar Antonio Anduaga Bocanegra – A Peruvian looks at the world

November – Susanne (Zuza) Bohley – MDGs and SDGs: The UN and you

In 2012

Jan. 7 – Bay Roberts – “One school at a time”

Feb. 4 – Mustafa Naseem – “The impact of the war in terror on ordinary Pakistani  citizens”

Mar. 3 –Bob Crifasi – Water, nternational problem, local solutions: What can the world learn from the way Boulder handles its water?”

Apr. 7 – Ron West  –  Boulder-Dushanbe Sister City

May 5 – Guy Benintendi – Boulder-Nablus sister city plans

June 2 – Spense Havlick – Boulder-Cuba (Yateras) sister citty organization

Oct. 13 – Darryl & Sally Brown — Uganda:  The Kisumu Project and Kisumu Sister City

Nov. 10 – Tracy Ehler — Guatemala

In 2011

Feb. 5 – Terry Fostvedt – Expanding Community and Creating Understanding: the Power of the Darfur Dream Team

Mar. 5 — Gail Austin – Remote Learning Initiative (India, Ghana), focused on the Millennium Development goal of improving maternal and infant mortality and morbidity rates in the developing world.

Apr. 2 – Rob Prince – situation in Tunisia

May 7, 2011 – Ted Holland – Muslim minorities in Russia

Sept. 10 – Suzanne Benally – “What are indigenous rights: The United Nations Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples”

Dec. 3 – Jose Gonçalves – “UNESCO World Heritage sites – sights to behold”

In 2010 . . .

Feb. 6 – Boulder Hi Model UN — Emily Thompson and other team members

March 6 – Recent experiences in Burma — Doug Cosper

Apr. 3 – Kenya and R2P – Paula Palmer

May 1 – Jyotsna Raj – What’s up in India?

June 5 – Tom Duncan, Cuba

October 2 – Joe Richey —  No need to live like a refugee: U.S. Immigration north & south

November 6 – Ted Grenda – Educating the World’s children: experiences in the International sector

December 4 – Rosa Baum – Egypt, summer of 2010

In 2009 . . .

Jan. 3, 2009 –. Loren Swift – 720-587-7767;(tentative)“Rotary Youth Exchange to Finland”

Feb. 7 — Jyotsna Raj “The two Indias” – Jyotsna was born in India and now lives in Boulder.  She returns there frequently and will discuss the issue of two Indias from first-hand knowledge.

Mar. 7 – John Beynon – “Winds of change in US-UN relations under Susan Rice: Breezes or gales?”

Apr. 4 – Deborah Bronstein – “What does it mean to go home? Repatriation or resettlement for the Lost Boys and Girls and other Southern Sudanese

May 2 – Dick Lyons — “Reflections of a UN election observer” ( title might get changed).

June 6 – Rita Klees – “The International Year of Sanitation: Why was it important?” What happened?”  (date O.K. , title tentative)

In 2008 . . .

Sept. 6, 2008 – Crif & Kate Crawford – “Growing up in the Middle East”

Oct. 4 – Dorothy Rupert – “Niger: living on the edge…of Sahara, of Poverty, of Hope”.  Dorothy will report on herexperiences visiting Peace Corps workers in the field and with some of her co-nominees for the  2006 Nobel Peace Prize

Nov. 1 – Mary Trembour and Beverly Springer — “What’s going on in the Black Sea region?” Mary is past President of the Boulder UNA chapter and is visiting the Black Sea region in October, so she brings fresh experiences about this complex part of the world.

Dec. 6 – Dorothy Riddle, “The Boulder Council for International Visitors” – Dorothy is spokesperson for the BCIV, an organization that we need to know more about.  She will discuss their mission and  opportunities for our participation.