What We Do

WE INFORM the community about the work of the family of UN bodies. There are the annual UN Day, quarterly dinner lectures, monthly talks with Q&A, and monthly discussion groups where you can listen, learn, and put forth your own points of view. You are welcome to help us identify topics and speakers, debate the challenging questions of peace and development, or to just come and listen.


WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE for people in need in developing countries. We select a cause and mobilize support for it. Since 1999 we have raised over $100,000 to support primary and basic education in Afghanistan, $20,000 for population activities, and with our counterparts in Denver and Fort Collins over $120,000 for clearing landmines. You can help us to identify causes that demonstrate the value of the work of UN organizations and raise awareness and mobilize funds to address them. Our latest effort is on behalf of a center for street children in Haiti.


WE RECOGNIZE Boulder County citizens who do significant international work. Each year we ask, “Who has done the most for international human rights?” We find them and we honor them. Almost every year we give a scholarship to a student who has done outstanding work on international affairs and sees a future in international work. You can help us to identify these persons and to publicize the importance of their work.


WE ADVOCATE for the work of the UN. We have been the architects of a resolution on climate change that has been adopted by all the chapters and divisions of the UNA-USA. This resolution will make the follow-up of the Kyoto treaty a priority for the organization and calls on the administration to join whole-heartedly into the discussions. We prepare position papers on other topics of national and global consequence to stimulate debate. We meet annually with our Congressional representatives or staff to urge them to support the work of the UN. You can contribute your ideas on how our government should work with the UN.


WE ARE 130 of the 13,000 Americans who belong to the United Nations Association-USA. We come from many walks of life. Some of us have worked for UN agencies. We recognize that multilateral actions are crucial for promoting the causes of peace and human development.


Regular Events and Programs:

United Nations Day: October 24

Human Rights Day: December 10  

Ernest K. Smith Foreign Policy Dinner Lecture: April.

The UN in the World Today dialog series: Second Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. to 11, Frasier Meadows Retirement Community, Boulder

The UN and International Affairs discussion group: Third Thursday of each month 1-3pm, Boulder Public Library

Geopolitics discussion group: Last Thursday of each month, 1-3 pm, Boulder Public Library

Chapter board meetings: Open to UNA membership. For time and place, email: info@unaboulder.org


Programs We Support

Conference on World Affairs
Model UN
Scholarships for Youth
UNA-Young Professionals


Email: info@unaboulder.org